The spread of the coronavirus has had a certain impact on the 3D printing market. The demand has significantly increased, as someone decided to entertain himself with a new hobby due to a long stay in 4 walls, and someone found a useful application in 3D-printing of personal protective equipment both for his loved ones and for mass application in medical institutions. Outsourcing vs in-house manufacturing: Should you choose a service or buy your own equipment?

You can make more money

Many of those who buy a 3D printer plan to use it for more than just fun. More enterprising users expect to use 3D printing to provide services or create customized commercial projects. Given the number of 3D printing startups in the last couple of years, the market for this type of business is open and its prospects are very broad.

However, you should understand that it is best to get into 3D printing as a business when you already have a solid background. There are VERY many people in the 3D printing business these days, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s no longer enough to download models from Thingiverse and print them on a 3D printer. Now you also need to be able to create your own models from scratch.

New knowledge, new opportunities

The first introduction to a 3D printer for someone who has no experience with the technology at all will be a great opportunity to learn something new. Even just watching a 3D printer work is something mesmerizing. The way this “futuristic machine” sounds and moves, all those electronic components with flickering lights. Everyone’s first encounter with a 3D printer is unforgettable.

If we consider the 3D printer as an educational tool – here its effectiveness is undeniable. In addition, this activity can be fun and entertaining. In fact, 3D printers are so effective in the educational segment that they are becoming an integral part of educational institutions worldwide. When you have a 3D printer, there are many areas of knowledge that can be expanded. Working with a 3D printer and various materials involves many troubleshooting tasks and adjusting printer parameters, which will inevitably teach you lessons in electronics, thermodynamics and engineering.

As for the software, more advanced users can begin to learn how to create their own 3D models. This is a whole new avenue for creativity, as you will no longer be limited to models that can be downloaded online.