The first and prerequisite for 3D printing is a digital 3D model in an “edible” format for most 3D printers .STL. There are many programs for 3D-modeling, including free, but with them it is necessary to understand, learn how to model, to think through the optimal design for the chosen printing technology. If you need to print on a 3D printer some common model, such as a case for a Raspberry Pi or a frame for a quadcopter, then you can find ready-made models on specialized resources, often free of charge. In this article we will talk about affordable cloud 3D printing with Aster 3D.

3D printing with Aster 3D

With Aster 3D you can create 3D models online, there are many tutorials, tips, a forum where you can bring a question to the community. And on top of all this there is a gallery of ready-made 3D models, where, similarly to previous resources with a search line, you can find the desired model, download them for 3D-printing in the format. STL, as well as in .SVG format, which is suitable for laser cutting. The peculiarity of this resource is that few models here are optimized for budget ABS plastic, but there is more room to choose models with more complex geometry and detailing that can be printed in better quality on industrial 3D printers. Some models are presented with color textures for multicolor plaster printing.

Making a master model

Making a master model is one of the major challenges of creating a casting mold. In the old days, even the most technologically advanced factories would often take from a couple of weeks to several months of hard work in a shop with dozens of workers to develop and create a master model. The master model was made in different ways from different materials – clay, plaster, aluminum, etc. 

The creative entrepreneur still needs both a prototype of the desired product and a finished master model to create original products. Fortunately, modern 3D technology is forcing the development of both manufacturing in general and small and medium-sized businesses. The 3D printer at the service of manufacturing-related entrepreneurs has a number of advantages:

  • optimization of production by reducing the time spent;
  • reduction of material resources required to create a master model;
  • proper distribution of human labor due to the mechanization of production processes;
  • multifunctionality of using a 3D printer;
  • low cost of equipment in comparison with professional production machines.

Buying a 3D printer, you get a virtually universal machine for creating parts of any complexity and configuration. If you have a 3D printer, it is easy to print a prototype of your future master model. Within a few days of work a 3D printer can create for you dozens of prototypes and models for further processing and production. 3D printing can also be ordered, but from the experience of our team, for the production of a number of different products 3D printers show a high return on investment. Compared to custom 3D printing, the equipment will always be a more cost-effective investment.